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thank you!! :) 

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where did you get your prom dresses? they are SO pretty!

Alicia: I got mine from le chateau haha, but I don’t know where steph got hers! :

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How old are you guys?


Hey guys!

So, since summer is basically over, I guess it would seem as though we would run into some trouble. But, don’t worry, we’re still going to be here (not as often of course, University is bound to be crazy) but we’ve been thinking about changing this blog up a little. What do you guys think? Should we change it to, or should we keep it seasonal, like

Steph :)

Let us know!?

We’ve basically disappeared off the face of the planet

sorry guys, we both just moved into university so its kinda hectic, we’ll try posting our own picutres soon, keep submiting yours! :) you guys are awesome! 


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#16 dancing in the rain :)
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#10 thats my friend emily in the cart, and i’m pushing, but i did it too. before someone came to tell us off :L
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