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#10 thats my friend emily in the cart, and i’m pushing, but i did it too. before someone came to tell us off :L
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Hey guys!!

Since summer is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks (ffaaaackk :( ), you guys should start sending pictures of what you’ve guys have done!!  We’ll be posting ours soon, so submit your pictures guys!! :) 

Alicia: I have escaped the Muggle World :)

I went to Harry Potter World in Florida this past weekend, and it was amazing :)  I’m gunna post a couple pictures later, but I thought you all should know;) ONE MORE THING OFF THE BUCKET LIST

Steph: I thought this was relevant considering University is said to change people :P

Most unreal thunderstorm last night, watched it, can cross that off the list!

anyone else agree? 

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